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Enhanced Tracking Applications (ETA) is an international leading expert in innovative, effective, and professional tracking instruction. As a training consortium committed to advancing the modern sciences and application of the visual tracking skillset, ETA has maintains one of the most diverse and well respected cadre of instructors in any setting.  Our professional Tracking Instructors have extensive backgrounds in tracking and a thorough understanding of tracking operations.  We are well versed in various “bush crafts” and thoroughly enjoy the great outdoors.

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ETA has successfully provided training to the military, various levels of law enforcement, and search & rescue for nearly three decades. Additionally, given the increased interest in the tracking skillset, we now share our techniques and training with the general public.  Whether you require a robust and thorough program of instruction or simply the basics of tracking, ETA has the time-tested ability, proven competence, and unparalleled professionalism to address your training needs.

Tracking Services

Enhanced Tracking Applications is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of training.  With a skilled, professional and dedicated instructional cadre, we successfully mentor students into effective trackers.  Whether you are a military service member, first responder, or an avid outdoorsman, tracking is no longer simply a lost art, but rather an under-utilized modern science.  Let us show you how….. ​


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