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Enhanced Tracking Applications is a consortium of professional trackers and instructional cadre dedicated to advancing the science and applicability of the modern visual tracking skillset.  Initially founded in 2000 and subsequently greatly expanded in 2010, ETA has proven itself as a corporate body of leading subject matter expertise within the fields of combat tracking (MIL), tactical tracking (LE), and tactical acuity (CIED). 

ETA’s professional accomplishments within the tracking skillset include:

  • Providing the Tracking Team Leader and several senior instructors for the nationally recognized, Department of Defense, Joint Task Force-North, collaborative military and law enforcement CODIAC project

  • Directly mentoring and instructing the marine training cadres of the USMC COMBAT (CH) HUNTER program and leading the team responsible for the redevelopment of the CH Tracking curriculum in 2016  

  • Developing, designing, and implementing the original JIEDDO/JIDA endorsed BTAC Course (CIED) and subsequently expanding the BTAC program into a first of its kind, tactical acuity and visual tracking Train the Trainer (T3) program  

  • Assisting, with subject matter expertise in visual tracking and tactical acuity, the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) in the development of their Advanced Anomaly Detection Training Program, which included BTAC material for IED awareness and detection

  • Providing consultation to the US Border Patrol’s National Training Academy in Artesia, New Mexico in the re-development of their tracking training curriculum for incoming trainees  

  • Mentoring Game and Fish Officers in tracking program development for their departments in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York

  • Senior cadre represented in several national and international publications, books, news articles, and online blogs

ETA Instructors: C. Nash, M. Hull, and M. Vaught

ETA instructors are the best in our field.  On average, each senior instructor has over twenty years of tracking experience, and fundamentally knows how to track as well as how to teach students to do the same.  As a guiding training philosophy, both in the classroom and outdoors, “it’s not about the cool things the instructors have done within the skillset, it’s about the great things the students will do.”  Our focus is always on the students. We are there for them.  

ETA is currently led and directed by Cornelius Nash, a seasoned tracker who has an extensive background in tracking/scouting operations as well as program development and instruction.  An avid horseman and skilled in the saddle, Cornelius was a horsemanship instructor and

scout for Fort Huachuca and the United States Border Patrol.  Mr. Nash is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, as well as Texas A&M University’s Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV) Business Program.

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