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ETA offers a full variety of Advanced Tracking Applications (ATA) and consulting services.  Our ATA services include tracking related expertise, perimeter/base/business security measures, intelligence fusion, LE investigation enhancements and specialty tracking courses. 

ETA’s Advanced Tracking Applications services richly combine our tracking experience and knowledge, with our in-depth understanding of current training needs and operational requirements.  We sincerely believe that “Every Problem has a Solution” and we stand ready to leverage our knowledge and skills to assist you or your organization.   

C-IED Training

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          "Visual Detection of IED Indicators"          

Given the complexities of the modern battlefield that include the rise of counter-insurgency and IEDemplacements, ETA created the first visual tracking and tactical acuity course “Building Tactical Acuity for C-IED Operations” (BTAC) Course in 2011.  Shortly thereafter, our BTAC program received official endorsement and funding support from JIEDDO/JIDA as well as ETA’s BTAC material being selected by the Joint Services EOD School (NAVSCOLEOD) to use as the foundation for its IED Division’s “Ground Sign Awareness” module.  As the expertise and developers of the original and highly successful BTAC program, ETA is honored to have taught 50+ BTAC iterations to the joint service EOD community throughout the years, which include courses for JFKSWC, MARSOC, USMC, USA, USN, and USAF. 
The BTAC course is specifically designed to promote increased observation/detection skills, enhance individual perception, and build “tactical acuity” for C-IED operations.  Our BTAC Course covers the essential visual tracking skills critical for successful C-IED operations, providing students with the capability to observe, detect, and identify the presence of IEDs based upon visual indicators. The BTAC program is suggested for anyone involved in C-IED operations to include: Military EOD, Civilian Bomb Squad, De-Mining Contractors, Combat Engineers, Route Clearance Personnel, Special Operations Forces, Infantry Soldiers or other dismounted personnel. 
BTAC Level I: “Building Tactical Acuity for C-IED Operations” [40 hrs]

BTAC Level II: “Leveraging Tactical Acuity for C-IED Operations.” [40 hrs]

BTAC T3* (Train-the-Trainer): “Tactical Acuity for Unit Led Instruction” [50-60 hrs]

​* Includes take home material (TACIT©) in order to train peers in visual detection of IEDs

the CODIAC (BH) course is designed to rapidly advance a student’s knowledge and understanding of effective observation skills and modern combat tracking.  The CODIAC (BH) program began as a collaborative effort between the military and law enforcement in order to expand upon the success of our traditional tracking courses and our joint support to the USMC Combat Hunter program.

Beginning with the Essential Elements of Modern Tracking and concluding with Advanced Tracking Concepts, CODIAC(BH) is a ten (10) day intense tracking course.  The BH program is designed for two purposes: enhance individual knowledge and skills in tracking and to build highly effective operational tracking teams.  BH teaches students the value of detailed observation and enhances critical thinking skills through a comprehensive, systematic approach to processing ground sign/tracks and analyzing “visual evidence.” CODIAC (BH) is truly a unique course – tracking skills centric, extensive field exercises, and designed in a Train the Trainer (T3) format.
​* Includes take home material (CODIAC DVD) for refresher training and unit led instruction 

CODIAC Training (aka BORDER HUNTER Course)

CODIAC (BH) Course*: 10 days [100 hrs.]

Representing the Department of Defense’s official Train the Trainer program on observation skills, fugitive profiling and combat tracking,

Horse Mounted Scouting (HMS)

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 Horse Mounted Scouting Course: 3-5 days

[30-50 hrs.]

 Combining decades of experience in tactical tracking and horse mounted patrolling, SOEA and Enhanced Tracking Applications have

developed a horse mounted scouting course that trains riders for the next level.  The Horse Mounted Scouting program combines the dynamic capabilities of the horse with the inherent abilities of a seasoned operator in order to produce a highly efficient “tactical team.”  

The HMS Course is designed to provide an experienced rider with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to operate effectively in remote areas.  Horse Mounted Scouts have the ability to cover great distances, negotiate over rugged terrain, operate for extended periods of time, and own the “operational timeline” – moving covertly, night and day and in all types of weather… HMS students will be able to employ the horse throughout a myriad of tasks including intelligence functions and tactical tracking.

An HMS Team will be highly effective in intelligence collection, interdiction operations, searches and manhunts, border security and force protection, and in law enforcement and military patrols in rugged areas. 

coordination, and team work for successful manhunts. Similar to the old adage, “there is NO I in team,” there are no lone rangers or singular trackers during fugitive manhunts.  It is always a team driven approach.

Likewise, the effective skills of competent tracker spring forth from an individual who is fundamentally aware of his/her surroundings, cognizant of his/her interactions, and open to new ideas and approaches.  Expert trackers think critically, are creative, maintain integrity, display humility, practice discipline, and exhibit patience all while balancing these traits with tenacity – Never Quit, Never Give Up…the tracks are out there somewhere to be found.

The L3 training will challenge students to think about what they see (Look), process the opinions of others (Listen), and ultimately work together (Lead) to find their quarry/suspect.  Visual tracking is a fun and exciting way to learn more about oneself, develop greater team skills, foster an environment of success, and achieve something that did not seem possible when you began.  The L3 training is intended for business leaders, corporate teams, civic organizations, church groups, and anyone else wishing to learn how to finally find what they are looking for….

Team Building/Leader Development Training

“Learning to Look, Listen, and Lead” (L3): 1-3 days

Modern combat tracking and tactical acuity are powerful skills and require a high level of communication, understanding,

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