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Enhanced Tracking Applications (ETA) specializes in professional tracking training for a variety of applications.  Whether tracking is to be used by the military, law enforcement, search & rescue, conservation groups, or the general public, tracking is a useful field skill-set.  Tracking is a true mission enabler!

Below is a brief description of the classes available through ETA. These classes may be taught at a variety of locations throughout the United States to include our base areas in Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, and Virginia, as well as any location designated by the requesting agency. 

​We recognize that differing clients have differing needs.  Therefore, as our guiding training principle, we do not simply teach the “same old” legacy material over and over again.  Our training programs are periodically peer reviewed and refined, ensuring they are current, relevant, and ultimately effective.  Additionally, all of our courses and material can be readily tailored to meet the specific training needs and operational requirements of our clients.



Tactical Acuity and Visual Tracking Level I

(TAVT I) [ 50hrs ]

Built upon the essential elements of modern visual tracking, this 5 day     course is the cornerstone for all traditional ETA courses.  As students are mentored and challenged to build a strong foundation in the skills, techniques, and tactics of modern tracking, they are additionally encouraged to developed greater situational awareness and critical thinking.  Ultimately, TAVT Level I builds a thorough understanding of visual tracking as well as confidence in, and full recognition of, the value of visual tracking skills on the today’s complex battlefields.


Tactical Acuity and Visual Tracking Level II

(TAVT II) [ 50hrs ]

Built upon the fundamentals learned in Level I, this five day course enhances the practical applications of the tracking skillset and introduces students to advanced tracking applications such as Determining Age of Tracklines, Understanding Anti-Tracking, Night Tracking Considerations, Back Tracking Fundamentals, and Intelligence Collection.  Typical operational scenarios, which may be faced by military trackers, are covered in a classroom setting and subsequently practiced extensively in the field.  TAVT Level II presents an excellent blend of individual skills competency and tracking team effectiveness.

Building Tactical Acuity for C-IED Operations

(BTAC) [ 50hrs ]

A phenomenally successful course package that is ideally suited for EOD Technicians, Route Clearance Specialists, and any other MOS in which IED activity is likely to be encountered. Please see the “Advanced   Tracking Applications” TAB for specific information about these dynamic C-IED courses


Tactical Acuity and Visual Tracking Level I

(TAVT I-LE) [ 40hrs ]

Similar to the military course, TAVT Level I-LE is built upon the essential elements of modern visual tracking and represents a successful training model that has been taught to thousands of law enforcement officers through the years. Purposefully designed with an LE approach, this 5 day course is ideally suited for police officers, investigators, conservation rangers, corrections staff, and department leadership to learn and apply the fundamentals of visual tracking.  Structured on the recognition that fugitives from justice may be prepared to use deadly force to prevent capture, TAVT I-LE students are taught effective "Officer Safety" measures as related to LE tracking operations.

Tactical Acuity and Visual Tracking Level II

(TAVT II-LE) [ 40hrs ]

As a natural continuation of the skills learned during Level I, TAVT II-LE is a 5 day course which involves instruction and practical exercise in the typical tracking scenarios that often confront Law Enforcement trackers in the field. This course introduces students to advanced tracking applications such as Determining Age of Tracklines, Understanding Anti-Tracking, Back Tracking Fundamentals, Evidence Collection, Extending the Crime Scene, and the “Commonality of Hidden Objects.”  


“Read Three” Tracking System
(R3AD) © [ 32-40hrs ]

A true tracking course for outdoor professionals, the R3AD Course is best suited for professional hunters, back country guides, SAR members, or other outdoorsmen who consider their work as non-recreational. A solid tracking skillset increases a person’s observation capabilities, promotes better perception, enhances situational awareness, improves critical thinking, and greatly improves survivability when operating in the wilderness or high threat areas. The R3AD © (“Read Three”) system encourages students to focus on or “read” details from three fundamental tracking related areas. 

Basic Tracking Course
(BTC) [ 16-24hrs ]

The BTC is a unique tracking course which is specifically designed to familiarize students with basic tracking principles and subsequently begin to build effectiveness with the visual tracking skillset.  Through a variety of interactive discussions and field exercises, the two to three day format is    designed to accommodate the clients’ busy schedule.  Ideal for the outdoor enthusiast, sportsman, or avid hunter, the Basic Tracking Course is a popular training option for those who want to learn how to track. 


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